Tattoo or Taboo?

Hmm… I find this a very tricky question.

When I was younger (as in a kid till about end of college), I never understood why people need to hurt themselves to place something permanent on their skin. And you might not even like it in a couple of years! So I would have answered a big NO back then.

I was not some kind of a goody-two-shoes.
Okay, I was (a bit).
But not about tattoos.

I was (and still am) a huge fan of a lot of people who have tattoos and actually admire its beauty on their skin. I just don’t know, I really found them painful and unnecessary.

Don’t judge me yet.

Lately, I have been craving for a tattoo!
The obsession began with the show Meteor Garden. The Taiwanese Shan Cai played by Barbie Xu had this tattoo on the back of her neck. I really wanted a similar one.

At first, it was just wishful thinking (like, if-ever-I-would-have-to-get-a-tattoo type of thought). Then when I started working, I saw this beautiful tattoo of Maxene Magalona on her arm, which said “Daddy’s girl” in french.

I am a huge fan of the musical, Rent, for more than 7 years now. I’m possessed by it. I’m glad that I knew Rent because it really is one of the main pillars that has been holding me up, making me survive living alone in a city miles away from home. Actually, four words from this musical really will stick to a fanatic:

So when I learned of Maxene’s tattoo, it struck me. A similar tattoo would be a really great tribute to the musical and what it had done to help me go through. Except for “Daddy’s Girl”, “No day but today” will be placed instead.

So what’s stopping me?
1. Money. Getting a decent (and safe) tattoo done is not cheap. I mean, I could save up for one but it’s not really at the top of my priority list right now.
2. Location. I still have not decided where I want to put the tattoo.
3. House. Not home. As in the TV Show (House, M.D.)! I saw this episode where a death row convict had to be scanned using an MRI to be diagnosed. Normally, MRI is not a painful procedure but since the patient have lots of tattoos, the MRI (being a huge magnet) will suck the heavy metals from the inks. I have seen the episode in the past and was not bothered by it. But recently, I have been confined in the hospital and had undergone different tests. So remembering it freaked me out!

But, hey! I’m still thinking of getting myself one as a birthday present.
No day but today, right? 😛