No deliveries? Let’s have Brunch!

In our Miami  home, it’s recently a rare occasion when we are able to be able to prepare a meal together.  It’s because we have become so busy with work and with what little life we have. But today, Bianca, Rico, Tatia, and I were able (or forced?) to do this because of:
1. Lack of funds.
2. Leftover food from Jean.
3. Powerlessness to go outside.
We woke up around noon and decided to make our bellies shut up by cooking everything edible we have in the kitchen.

1st on the menu was Tatia’s Fried Rice!

Major Ingredients: leftover rice, leftover beef tapa, egg
Steps: Well, it’s pretty straight forward really… or so I thought!
Where I grew up, we make fried rice just by chopping all ingredients to desired size, fry them, and then mix the rice. And even if the rice is cold because it’s straight from the refrigerator, we just use it as is. But I was shocked when Tatia placed the rice in a container and started pouring water in it! Apparently, this practice is acceptable and also being done in Bacolod. They “clean” the already cooked rice before mixing it. Weird. Anyway, the unusual method had no negative effect to the final output because the fried rice was DELICIOSO! 😀

Next was Fried Bacon by Rico Marco!

Major Ingredient: lots and lots of bacon…
Steps: According to Rico Marco, first take the bacon out of the packaging. Then drop all the meat to a hot pan and just leave it there. Done! 😛

Last but not the least, Crab and Corn Soup by Bianca!

Major Ingredients: Knorr’s Instant Crab and Corn Soup, egg, 2 and 1/4 tazas water
Steps: Please see back of Knorr’s Instant Crab and Corn Soup package.
…and where was I amidst all this? Taking the pictures of course! hahaha
Well, I’m not totally useless… I was the one who chopped garlic for Tatia! That counts for something, right? :p

Till next brunch!