Unexplained Crushes

In my 23 years of being exposed to the many beautiful people of showbiz, I’ve had my share of head-over-heels crushes. And our local showbiz is no exception. I mean, who could really blame me, right? Every one is guilty of this. Some of today’s unquestionable local showbiz “crush ng bayan”-s are John Lloyd Cruz, Piolo Pascual, and Dingdong Dantes.

However, I have not-so-popular local showbiz crushes that causes some to raise an eyebrow. Not that they’re not good looking, they truly are. And just to prove it, here are pictures of them in the way I like them most (also in order of WHEN I liked them).

Ryan Agoncillo with glasses

Fully dressed Alfred Vargas

Shirtless Aljur Abrenica

Some of my friends mock their acting skills , some ridicule their popularity, and some just don’t understand what it is they don’t like about them. And just like the latter, I also cannot explain why I like them so much. I adore them so much that I always seem to find fault in all the actresses or personalities being linked (currently or previously) to them.

But wait. I am not in the total maniac-stalker level. I don’t collect info and pictures of them or anything. I don’t even know what their latest shows are. I don’t know. I just like them. And in fairness to them, I don’t like them just because of their face (or body… haha), but because of an aura they radiate, which makes me like them. Wah! I’m running in circles here. I totally don’t make sense. So, I apologize. I don’t know. Help me figure it out.

Disclaimer: These are just my "unexplained" crushes, not my "ultimate" crushes.
I still have to organize my thoughts when it comes to my "ultimate" crushes.
But they may overlap. You'll never know. haha