Into the Heights: Goodbye to the Trains!

Four more days until the big move…
… which means four more days of patience and sacrifice with the trains!

For more than a year, I have put up with all the long lines, stop entries, pushing, shoving, always full cars, and colorful people of the Metro Railway Train (MRT) System. And now finally, I will be released of its haunts and taunts.


I have lost a lot of things to the MRT…
– two bags (might be three by the end of this week)
– one good shoe
– red blood cells and hemoglobin count
– respect for authoritative mothers and impatient, whiny b*tches; and
– closely my sanity and morality

But I also did gain a lot from it (which makes this topic worthy of a blog post)
– new found patience and faith
– a path to achieve a mini “nirvana” (to block out all the bad things around)
– increased core strength and balance
– small muscles in the arms (I think they’re called biceps? But I won’t even attempt to label my thin lanky arms with such a macho term); and
– unforgettable conversations, inside jokes, and bonding moments with Rosy!

If there’s one thing I would miss going home by train is the company.
Getting to go home with one of my closest friends, Rosy. She had kept me sane and amused the entire two-hour journey home from work. There were times that we were so deep into our conversations and laughter that I almost forgot it was already my stop.

Sorry for leaving you with the shark tank that is the MRT, Rosy.
I will surely miss it because of you!


To the MRT and all its unfortunate and weirdo passengers… ADIOS!


Chismis at Kape sa Tagaytay


Kidlat sa Talumpati ng Presidente

Kahapon ay ang anibersaryo ng EDSA People Power.
Dalawampu’t pitong taon na ang nakalipas ng mawakasan ang diktadurya sa bansa.
Walang pasok ang mga estudyante.
May mga nakahilerang mga gawain upang gunitain ang makasaysayang pangyayaring ito.
At asan ako?

Inaamin ko, marahil ito ay dahil ako ay ipinanganak siyam na buwan pagkatapos ng People Power, kahapon ay isang pangkaraniwan na araw lamang para sakin.
At ang pangkaraniwan na araw ko ay nagsisimula sa pagpasok sa trabaho.

Gaya ng lagi, ako ay nahuli na naman sa paggising kaya kinailangan kong mag taxi.
Saktong habang nasa taxi, ang programa sa radyong naka-on ay itinatampok ang pagdiriwang ng anibersaryo ng EDSA. Parte ng programa ay ang talumpati ng Presidente Aquino.

Nagsimula ito bilang karaniwan na talumpati ng isang presidente.
Ako ay nakinig ng walang gaanong bahala. Pero ako ay nakikinig.
At sa aking pakinig, ay bigla akong naantig sa isang bahagi ng kanyang sinabi.

“Ang naiisip ko nga po minsan, parang nawili na tayo sa siklo ng pagbagsak at pagtindig, na tila ba hindi natin matanggap na maaari tayong dumiretso at umasenso, nang hindi muling nagagalusan, nang hindi muling naaapi, nang hindi muling nasasaktan. Mahirap nga pong aminin: eksperto man tayo sa pagbangon, tila nagkukulang tayo sa pagsulong at pag-asenso.”

Sobrang sang-ayon ako dito. Naisip ko din ito minsan.
Hindi lang tayo nagkukulang sa pagsulong at pag-asenso, ngunit tila hindi ata natin matanggap na tayo o ang kapwa natin ay umaasenso na.

Alam ko, hindi madali ang daan para umasenso, pero hindi rin ito puno lang ng pasakit. Sa bawat pasakit na lang ay nagrereklamo na tayo kaagad, mag-aalsa na kaagad, bikitma na kaagad.

Oo, tayo ay malaya na. Pero hindi ibig sabihin nito ay madali na ang buhay.
Kailangan pa rin ipagpatuloy ang pag-kakaisa na ipinakita noong People Power.
Mayaman man o mahirap, lahat tayo ay may ginampanan na papel sa pagbabagong yon.
Dapat ganon din sa pagsulong at pag asenso.
Kahit sino man ang mauna.

**Tingnan ang buong talumpati ni Pres. Aquino.

Unexplained Crushes

In my 23 years of being exposed to the many beautiful people of showbiz, I’ve had my share of head-over-heels crushes. And our local showbiz is no exception. I mean, who could really blame me, right? Every one is guilty of this. Some of today’s unquestionable local showbiz “crush ng bayan”-s are John Lloyd Cruz, Piolo Pascual, and Dingdong Dantes.

However, I have not-so-popular local showbiz crushes that causes some to raise an eyebrow. Not that they’re not good looking, they truly are. And just to prove it, here are pictures of them in the way I like them most (also in order of WHEN I liked them).

Ryan Agoncillo with glasses

Fully dressed Alfred Vargas

Shirtless Aljur Abrenica

Some of my friends mock their acting skills , some ridicule their popularity, and some just don’t understand what it is they don’t like about them. And just like the latter, I also cannot explain why I like them so much. I adore them so much that I always seem to find fault in all the actresses or personalities being linked (currently or previously) to them.

But wait. I am not in the total maniac-stalker level. I don’t collect info and pictures of them or anything. I don’t even know what their latest shows are. I don’t know. I just like them. And in fairness to them, I don’t like them just because of their face (or body… haha), but because of an aura they radiate, which makes me like them. Wah! I’m running in circles here. I totally don’t make sense. So, I apologize. I don’t know. Help me figure it out.

Disclaimer: These are just my "unexplained" crushes, not my "ultimate" crushes.
I still have to organize my thoughts when it comes to my "ultimate" crushes.
But they may overlap. You'll never know. haha

The late and lazy entry | What’s the best idea you’ve ever had?

Okay. Two days down the “Post a Day Challenge” for myself and I already failed.
Not that I forgot. Not that I got lazy.
Well, maybe a little lazy… but more of uninterested.

I found the topic lame.

“What’s the best idea you’ve ever had?”

quoting The Daily Post:

Topic #209:

What’s the best idea you’ve ever had, that you never did anything about?

Is it too late to do something now?

I think knowing if an idea is even a bit good would require doing something about it to see the results.
So if one had not done anything about it, how would you know that it’s the “best”?

Anyway, that’s just how I see things.
But I finally decided to give in and just go with it for post-a-day’s sake.

Here goes…

Going through quarter-life crisis just makes you bust with all this ideas.
Ideas that you think will make you rich, successful, or just plain happy.
This hazy phase of your life will just plain make you think of all the things that you may do to make an impact on the world (idealistic, as one may say). And through mine, I have thought of everything– from starting a business (environment-friendly and socially responsible company that will change the face of Materials Science and Engineering) to starting a band (Winning Grammy’s Best New Artist, Tony’s Best Musical Score, Emmy’s Outstanding Music Composition For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special (Original Dramatic Score), and Oscar’s Best Original Soundtrack).

However, the best idea (I think) I have ever had was producing for Sarah Geronimo and Sandara Park. Way before they both achieved their current star status and way back when people were thinking they were jologs and baduy, I have always believed that they were really talented. And I was always telling my sisters that if I had the money, I would do something to make those two famous.

Fortunately for them and unfortunately for me, others have also seen their talent and went on ahead and helped made them famous. I believe they totally deserve every fame and fortune they got.

P.S. I'm always on the lookout, though, for the next great artist (until I have dough)!

Challenge | Make an argument for why weekends should be longer

When I read today’s Daily Post Topic Idea, I was stuck.
I did not know how to go about it.
Mainly, because I may be biased due to my current situation.

For almost 6 weeks now, I have been in my pajamas 24/7. The only times I would get out of my PJs are when we have dinners at relatives’ houses (and these were still thoughtless outfits, mind you). Taking this long break from work really made me miss it and actually reflected on the value of work. The art of doing something is really fulfilling in a lot of ways.

So when asked right now to make an argument for why weekends should be longer, I would ask right back: Should it be longer?

I know. Harsh.

I remember the times when we are knee-deep into work in the office… working until midnight… and always looking forward to a 3-day weekend (a 4-day weekend is a jackpot!). And just learning how in some European countries actually do have usual 3-day weekends just makes me green with envy. It makes us think, we should, too, right?

I also recall one summer when I was in college that government offices did follow a 4-day work week. The reason, if I remember correctly, is so that parents could spend more quality time with their kids at home. Although the intentions were good, I believe this was really not necessary (especially for government offices). I mean, come on. Their jobs are usually 8 to 5 in a very relaxed environment. I don’t mean to demean or put down government employees. I actually envy them. My mom has been serving as one for over twenty years now and has made us all go through college with her small salary. But working 5 days a week did not lessen our bonding times. Plus we all know how small the income of government employees are (except for those corrupt. :P) — a 4-day work week means less income.

So I believe to answer the question: should weekends be longer?; depends on where you are actually working.
That’s my take, anyway.

What do you think?
I am ending this with no mind-opening conclusion but to pass the challenge to:

Make an argument for why weekends should be longer.

P.S. Please share your ideas by replying here or by sharing your blog url.