We’re in Miami, b*tch!

I am actually happy that The Daily Post thought of the topic of explaining why your blog name is what it is and why you chose it.

Mine’s pretty simple, really. For the people who know me or at least know my address, already knows the answer to this. My blog’s name,  A View From Miami, came to be because I am actually living in a street named Miami. And when I started this blog, I thought of it to be a journal of what it’s like living in Miami with friends, new to the working world, and away from family . Obviously, I could not keep a daily account of everything but I try my best.

So far, it has been a blast. But as the “Miami girls” are slowly leaving one by one, I start to wonder…
I wonder how much longer can I take seeing the “view from Miami”, if I am left alone?
And then I wonder… what will be my blog name after that?

I miss the Miami peeps… so much! 🙂