Just… “Let go!”

Three months — the amount of time I have have not posted anything.


Working to have something to do.
Working to feed one’s body and ego.
Working to bring meaning to life.

What I plan to do about it?

Find other things to do aside from work:
… signed up to another Theater Workshop.

Feed the mind and soul:
… make more time to read and to get to know God more.

Make and create meaning to life:
… Let go!


Working Hard for the Money


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Into the Heights: First Morning

Finally moved in to my new home.

Still have a few things to take care of (waiting for my new bookshelf, fixing the mini “office”, etc) but the first night was super okay… Apart from my tired body and pesky colds, I slept well.

The first morning was divine…
Woke up with a what feels like a thousand birds chirping instead of the LRT train in the background.


I love how my room catches the morning sun from both corners.


I know, I still have to get curtains for these windows. That’s already on my list. As for now, I’m still enjoying the light, view and fresh morning breeze this cool home has to offer.



I can see a lot of potential from you, Boni Heights.
And to myself, “Welcome Home!”.

**Photos taken using iPad mini.

Into the Heights: Packing – 30% Done

Yes. Only 30% done and I’ve already filled up 2 huge boxes!
I feel sorry for the movers already. I cannot even push the one box full of books. I need to get this done (at least 80~90%) by tomorrow. I haven’t even started looking at the stuff downstairs. Oh, Lord! Give me strength. I love-hate huge changes like these. And this is the part I hate.

Anyway, I have James Bond for company while packing. Just finished with Goldfinger. Now on with Thunderball and the clothes on my closet. Aja!

Into the Heights: Step 2

Step 1.5: Talking to lola – Done.

Step 2: Finding a new place to live – Done.

We had already decided on where to move.
It took a lot of thought considering our budget is not that high.
But we finally did it.

Tomorrow we will be reserving the place so we can finally move in by March!

I am scared and excited at the same time.
Change really is stressful for me.
But this will be for the better.
To the future and beyond!

Into the Heights: Step 1

The remaining Miami girls have finally decided to give up the long reign of holding the most affordable and convenient living space (at least, that’s what we think) here in Cubao.

The two of us will finally be going our separate ways. Angel, the last of my Miami room mates, will be on pursuit for greener pastures. While I will be somewhere near my supposedly green pasture. Well, not immediately. But we have finally commenced step one, which is to finally mutually decide to leave.

Step 1.5 will be telling lola, our landlady, about this plan. We want to be able to talk to her together. But the only time we see each other with the sun still up is on weekends. So, Saturday it is. Angel already gave lola the heads up this morning while paying our rent for the month. She said that lola looked disappointed.

Oh, men.
Last thing I want is to do is to sadden the old lady.

But we have to do this. I believe it’s time.
I’m starting to lose my sanity by taking the MRT everyday.
Not that I’m totally sane to begin with.

I’m digressing.
So anyway, “In to the Heights” will be my attempt of chronicling the great big move.
The play of words from the titles of two of my favorite musicals, In to the Woods and In the Heights, is intentional. Since the plan is to move to a place called Bonifacio Heights.


Miami had been my home for almost five years.
It houses so many memories of firsts, laughters, and tears.
It had seen me through my best and worst yuppie years.
It is my resting place.

I am forever grateful.

You Live, You learn

Learn as if you get to live forever.
Live like there is no tomorrow.

I forgot where I came across these words but it certainly left a great impression on me. I think I already got the second statement down — seize the day. No day but to day. Live as if today is your last.

As for the first one… Hmm.

Adding the first statement, for me, gives “carpe diem” more sense. It becomes more realistic to implement and uphold. Some might say, why learn if you don’t get to live tomorrow? Then, wouldn’t it just be useless? This might be true, but this is just what a pessimistic (and mischievous) person would automatically say. Because being realistic, and in turn more optimistic, the two ideas gel perfectly. I mean, you don’t really get to live literally only for a day, right? We have to accept that the future is inevitable and we have to continue living it without the regret of not fully getting to do or giving our 100% in the days before.

Being to give our best and being able to make the wisest decisions comes only from learning.
Learning new things you’ve always wanted and dreamed of doing.
Learning from our mistakes.
Learning more about ourselves and our friends to better relationships.

There are just endless things we can learn to be able to live fully everyday.
Recognizing and accepting that IS the first step.

On a personal note, now that I believe I have recognized how important learning is, I’ve decided to learn about things that I’ve always wanted and dreamed of doing. Below are some things that I’ve already done, currently doing, and still plan to do (in no particular order).

1. Join theater workshops

I have already attended two last year and I intend to join more this year.

2. See, read and learn more plays and movies as possible

Good thing, a lot of good shows and movies are lined up this year. Cannot wait!

3. Read as many books, short stories, articles, and publications of many different genres as I can

I target to finish at least 25 books this 2013 (as documented in my goodreads account) and I started downloading interesting magazines and articles in iTunes just for light reading in some parts of the day.

4. Write, blog, practice!

Participating in Daily Post 2013 of WordPress forces me to write at least once a day but it keeps me thinking constantly all the rest. Knowing that you’ll have to write about something makes your brain hyperactive for ideas.

5. Taking online classes

I’ve recently discovered of Apple’s iTunes U and Coursera, where you get to sign up to online classes for free! Plus, the topics are endless. From creative writing, to digital sound design, to nanotechnology and Evolution. I got so excited and hyped by everything that currently, I am signed up to three classes in Coursera and downloaded all modules for five different topics on iTunes U. Hope I can finish all of them.

6. Learn to drive

Now this is something that I really have been putting on hold because I fear that if I learned how to drive, I would start craving for a car. And I just cannot afford to have a car yet. But I’ve totally decided to learn this year, car or no car.

7. Find spirituality

Now, this is just merely being able to find time to always reflect and go to church. But, lately, I’ve amped this up a bit by starting to be more active in the celebration of the “Year of Faith”.

My list does not end here but these seven are my first steps at learning more to live with no regrets! Start a list if your own now and don’t wait for tomorrow to do them. 🙂