Finally, I’m Home!

My new bookshelf finally arrived!
And I just finished unpacking and arranging all my books, DVDs, VCDs and other collections and what-nots.

Believe it or not, I have no more boxes or bags left to unpack.
Moving-in is officially done.
Sure, there are still some things we need to buy (like stove table, energy-saving lightbulbs, new trash cans, etc. — oh, and grocery! We need food.)… but no more unpacking left.


I cannot wait to add more books in this shelf!
Oh yes. I’m finally home. πŸ™‚

Side Note: Excuse the mess in the lower left corner. πŸ˜›


Into the Heights: First Morning

Finally moved in to my new home.

Still have a few things to take care of (waiting for my new bookshelf, fixing the mini “office”, etc) but the first night was super okay… Apart from my tired body and pesky colds, I slept well.

The first morning was divine…
Woke up with a what feels like a thousand birds chirping instead of the LRT train in the background.


I love how my room catches the morning sun from both corners.


I know, I still have to get curtains for these windows. That’s already on my list. As for now, I’m still enjoying the light, view and fresh morning breeze this cool home has to offer.



I can see a lot of potential from you, Boni Heights.
And to myself, “Welcome Home!”.

**Photos taken using iPad mini.

Into the Heights: Packing – 30% Done

Yes. Only 30% done and I’ve already filled up 2 huge boxes!
I feel sorry for the movers already. I cannot even push the one box full of books. I need to get this done (at least 80~90%) by tomorrow. I haven’t even started looking at the stuff downstairs. Oh, Lord! Give me strength. I love-hate huge changes like these. And this is the part I hate.

Anyway, I have James Bond for company while packing. Just finished with Goldfinger. Now on with Thunderball and the clothes on my closet. Aja!

Into the Heights: Step 2.5

It’s official.
We finally placed a downpayment for the place we were moving in to.
Next steps will be to start packing and then finally moving and settling in.

Just thinking about it makes me excited and stressed at the same time.
I’m a whirlwind of emotions right now.

Leaving the place I’ve grown to love.
Exploring and building new relationships with new people I’m moving in with.
Exhausting all strategies of how to actually move all my things.


One good thing about this move is I can finally use the Milestone widget!


days until the big move! πŸ™‚