The Many faces of Insomnia…

I came home from another usual 12-hour workday.
And almost an hour after midnight, I am still awake.

I am so dead tired. I have nothing to do. But why can’t I still sleep?

One word came to mind: Insomnia.

Since tomorrow is going to be another early day for me, I decided that it needs to stop (or needs to be cured? i dunno).
It’s unhealthy and it just leaves me more tired the next day.

So I typed in the word “insomnia” to good-old google.
But before I got to the real root of my search, I got distracted with other results for “Insomnia”.

It turns out (based on a shallow search), there is one movie and two songs called Insomnia.

One song is from a band (i assume) called Faithless. You have to hear it to understand why it’s called as such.

Who could sleep to that beat?? Not really a lullaby. haha

As for the other song… well…
let me give you a hint: Craig David! ;p

“Insomnia.. aaah! Feels like Insomnia… aaah!”

The movie, I haven’t seen yet.
I’ve heard of it but I don’t know why I never got to see it (especially with two of my favorite actors as part of the cast– Al Pacino and Robin Williams).

Plus, it has a really cool site.
Check it out:
Note to self: Download this movie.

OK. I am digressing… Enough of my sleepless none sense… back to the “real” insomnia issue.
And I found out that it’s not a simple thing.

Based from National Center for Biotechnology Information (U.S. National Library of Medicine), there are four types of Insomnia:

Psychophysiological insomnia; Learned insomnia; Chronic insomnia; Primary insomnia.

I don’t know which one I have but the basic treatments (or tips) for all cases are pretty much the same (please don’t mind the supposed-to-be mental notes I scribbled below!):

The following tips can help improve sleep. This is called sleep hygiene.

  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, or nicotine before bed. —> OK. Noted!
  • Don’t take daytime naps. —> as if  I can with my work load!
  • Eat at regular times each day (avoid large meals near bedtime). —> Hard to do but okay.
  • Exercise at least 2 hours before going to bed. —> seriously?? where can I possibly get the energy!?
  • Go to bed at the same time every night. —> seems possible…
  • Keep comfortable sleeping conditions. —> i can arrange this…
  • Remove the anxiety that comes with trying to sleep by reassuring yourself that you will sleep or by distracting yourself. —-> i will try…
  • Use the bed only for sleep and sex. —> hahaha. OK. Noted! 😛

Do something relaxing just before bedtime (such as reading or taking a bath) so that you don’t dwell on worrisome issues. Watching TV or using a computer may be stimulating to some people and interfere with their ability to fall asleep. —> as if I could keep myself away from the nearest PC! haha

If you can’t fall asleep within 30 minutes, get up and move to another room. Engage in a quiet activity until you feel sleepy.

One method of preventing worries from keeping you awake is to keep a journal before going to bed. List all issues that worry you. By this method, you transfer your worries from your thoughts to paper. This leaves your mind quieter and more ready to sleep. —> Yey! Done! 🙂

Watch out for more nonsensical posts while I battle out the sleepless (and terribly hot) nights this summer. Please, please, please… bear with me.

I wish us all a good night and a long undisturbed sleep! ZZZzzzzzz….