More than half of my life, I’ve been missing these girls.
I love you.

**This post is inspired by Sibling Day (April 10th).


Finally, I’m Home!

My new bookshelf finally arrived!
And I just finished unpacking and arranging all my books, DVDs, VCDs and other collections and what-nots.

Believe it or not, I have no more boxes or bags left to unpack.
Moving-in is officially done.
Sure, there are still some things we need to buy (like stove table, energy-saving lightbulbs, new trash cans, etc. — oh, and grocery! We need food.)… but no more unpacking left.


I cannot wait to add more books in this shelf!
Oh yes. I’m finally home. 🙂

Side Note: Excuse the mess in the lower left corner. 😛

Into the Heights: Packing – 30% Done

Yes. Only 30% done and I’ve already filled up 2 huge boxes!
I feel sorry for the movers already. I cannot even push the one box full of books. I need to get this done (at least 80~90%) by tomorrow. I haven’t even started looking at the stuff downstairs. Oh, Lord! Give me strength. I love-hate huge changes like these. And this is the part I hate.

Anyway, I have James Bond for company while packing. Just finished with Goldfinger. Now on with Thunderball and the clothes on my closet. Aja!