Finally, I’m Home!

My new bookshelf finally arrived!
And I just finished unpacking and arranging all my books, DVDs, VCDs and other collections and what-nots.

Believe it or not, I have no more boxes or bags left to unpack.
Moving-in is officially done.
Sure, there are still some things we need to buy (like stove table, energy-saving lightbulbs, new trash cans, etc. — oh, and grocery! We need food.)… but no more unpacking left.


I cannot wait to add more books in this shelf!
Oh yes. I’m finally home. 🙂

Side Note: Excuse the mess in the lower left corner. 😛


Into the Heights: The Usual Crammer

8 more days to go until the “big move” and I’m still at 0% when it comes to packing.

I had almost a month to prepare for this but my usual laissez-faire attitude got to me.
Well, that and unforeseen events. 

Last weekend. I was supposed to start on packing some of my stuffs but I had to go home to Zamboanga for family matters (see Playlist of the Week). Not that I’m complaining. I wanted to go home for it.

Anyway, now I have only one weekend left and a couple of weeknights for packing. But I doubt I can do any work on weeknights. So I have to go full blast this weekend.

Just thinking of all the organizing needed is killing me. Ugh!
But I can do this!

Step 1: Cleaning Out – know what to keep for the move, to throw out, etc.
Step 2: Categorizing – what to pack with what 
Step 3: Getting stuffs on boxes

WIsh me luck!

Into the Heights: Step 2

Step 1.5: Talking to lola – Done.

Step 2: Finding a new place to live – Done.

We had already decided on where to move.
It took a lot of thought considering our budget is not that high.
But we finally did it.

Tomorrow we will be reserving the place so we can finally move in by March!

I am scared and excited at the same time.
Change really is stressful for me.
But this will be for the better.
To the future and beyond!

Into the Heights: Step 1

The remaining Miami girls have finally decided to give up the long reign of holding the most affordable and convenient living space (at least, that’s what we think) here in Cubao.

The two of us will finally be going our separate ways. Angel, the last of my Miami room mates, will be on pursuit for greener pastures. While I will be somewhere near my supposedly green pasture. Well, not immediately. But we have finally commenced step one, which is to finally mutually decide to leave.

Step 1.5 will be telling lola, our landlady, about this plan. We want to be able to talk to her together. But the only time we see each other with the sun still up is on weekends. So, Saturday it is. Angel already gave lola the heads up this morning while paying our rent for the month. She said that lola looked disappointed.

Oh, men.
Last thing I want is to do is to sadden the old lady.

But we have to do this. I believe it’s time.
I’m starting to lose my sanity by taking the MRT everyday.
Not that I’m totally sane to begin with.

I’m digressing.
So anyway, “In to the Heights” will be my attempt of chronicling the great big move.
The play of words from the titles of two of my favorite musicals, In to the Woods and In the Heights, is intentional. Since the plan is to move to a place called Bonifacio Heights.


Miami had been my home for almost five years.
It houses so many memories of firsts, laughters, and tears.
It had seen me through my best and worst yuppie years.
It is my resting place.

I am forever grateful.