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Sophie's WorldSophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder

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Finally! I survived this book. The road to finishing this 500-page masterpiece is grueling and mind-boggling… but very enlightening. The journey not only consisted of a light at the end of the tunnel, but was a maze of doors and windows waiting to be opened to let the light in at every step.

I hope I will have the chance to re-read this book at least once more in my life time. And hopefully next time, I will have my own chapter with my own philosophy to contribute.

Ugh. I cannot get over.

One should definitely read Sophie’s World. It truly opens your mind and lets one see the world in the grander sense. Makes you think… our lives are indeed mere bagatelles… for “we too are stardust.”

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Failed Anonymous Blogger

quoting The Daily Post:

Do you blog anonymously or do you blog as “yourself”? Why?

I tried to be anonymous.
I created a new email account.
I thought of an alias (which I forgot how I came up with it or why I chose it).
I failed.

At first, I chose to be anonymous because I wanted my blog to be an outlet for all my frustrations, hard-hitting reviews, and not-so-good thoughts. But after I posted my first entry, I had the sudden urge to share it — just so I can get a review about the grammar and stuff. Because back in school, I feared writing. I believed I sucked at it (well, even now.haha). So I told my room mate to read it… and I survived my first critic!

I realized that it wasn’t so bad. This blogging thing may actually be a cure to my fear of writing. Plus, knowing other people enjoyed reading it felt good.

So I thought, what the heck! I let my other blogger friend (Tatia) create my “About” page and I included a slideshow of my photos with friends on my first post. I decided to share it to the world and let everyone know it’s me!  The rest are history.

Chos. haha

Half of my heart’s got a right mind

My thoughts when trying to find the answer for The Daily Post‘s question…
(Are you driven by your head or your heart?)

I remember seeing all these movies with a moral lesson in the end… and that is to follow your heart. Whatever logic or philosophical theories we place in a situation, at the end of it all, the heart just seems to be the wisest body function that one must have the courage to listen to. Because in the end, nothing matters most than living life to the fullest and to your happiest.

However, movies are movies: Mostly fiction (even those supposedly to be true stories are designed to be cinematic which makes it borderline to fiction). In real life situations, we cannot be bested by our emotions. I mean, I want to. I want to follow my heart’s desire and just leave everything to dust. But life does not work that way. We grow up. We acquire responsibilities. We just have to be practical. And with all this, we just have to be smart and identify the consequences of everything. In short, we should think.

See what I did there?

I would like to be driven by my heart.
But in reality, I think my head just takes charge of everything.

Useless Strength (for now)

What is a strength you have that you haven’t used?

What is a strength you have that you haven’t used? Recently? Maybe a secret skill, or perhaps an ability that only surfaces under tough times?

I think the topic for today’s The Daily Post pushes an author to really shove modesty aside. But not to totally give myself out (because secret skills are kept secret for a reason. haha), I am giving the most obvious (and safe?) answer.

A strength that I have battled five years to acquire is my Bachelor’s Degree in Materials Engineering.

Now, it’s just useless.
All the Mathematics… Chemistry… Physics… all down the drain.
Don’t even get me started with my Engineering Science courses. They were all tough courses but I all loved them. The bittersweet challenges and the continuous growth of the mind (literally, I felt my brain swelling) just got me going all those years. And I kept thinking, “I can’t wait to do this for the rest of my life!”

However, when I graduated, the real world intimidated me and I started to panic. Instead of scouring the job market for something I was passionate about, I took the first job that offered comfortable income and benefits. The next thing I remember, it’s three years after and I am in a career totally different from what I was trained for.

I tried to fight it as first. I enrolled for a post graduate degree in Materials Science and Engineering(MSE). But as school work was getting heavier, so was the work load. And getting to classes was becoming impossible. It was just like two different worlds. I had a hard time studying for something totally not related to what I am doing for more than 40 hours a week.

So I learned how to accept it. I decided to choose one for now. I filed for leave of absence at school and changed my focus to work. I am in a confused phase until now and not knowing how to clear all the confusion. I am just going with the flow of life for now, keeping the faith and my MSE knowledge in my back pocket. We’ll never know when I’ll get to use it again but I am always ready to show it off anytime (of course, with a lot of dusting first. haha).

We’re in Miami, b*tch!

I am actually happy that The Daily Post thought of the topic of explaining why your blog name is what it is and why you chose it.

Mine’s pretty simple, really. For the people who know me or at least know my address, already knows the answer to this. My blog’s name,  A View From Miami, came to be because I am actually living in a street named Miami. And when I started this blog, I thought of it to be a journal of what it’s like living in Miami with friends, new to the working world, and away from family . Obviously, I could not keep a daily account of everything but I try my best.

So far, it has been a blast. But as the “Miami girls” are slowly leaving one by one, I start to wonder…
I wonder how much longer can I take seeing the “view from Miami”, if I am left alone?
And then I wonder… what will be my blog name after that?

I miss the Miami peeps… so much! 🙂

A Third Grader Believed

When I was starting school, I believed that people perceived me to be a very smart kid. And I think this was all because I finished the kindergarten entrance exam (yes, there were exams and interviews for pre-school) the earliest and was actually awarded the first honors in our class. I consistently got this honor together with spelling bee and speed math championships until first grade.

Then came second grade… Suddenly, I was no longer first but second. However, it was not a big deal for me. I remembered my parents were also nonchalant about it. I say this because they never asked anything or talked to me about it. Yes. That’s how I remembered it. Just nothing new. So when Recognition day (the day when they award the Top 7 students of the class for each level) came, I was surprised to know that this was a huge heartbreak for some.

During Recognition Day in our school, they usually have the awardees seated according to grade level (Grade 1 students occupy the first row, Grade 2 students in the second, and so on) and rank (1st-honor students occupy the first column, 2nd-honor students in the second, and so on). So obviously, I sat where the Grade 2, 2nd-honor student should be. And as the program was starting, I felt someone tapped me in the back. It turned out to be the popular 1st-honor student, which I actually looked up to,  of the third graders. I haven’t met her before so I was shocked that she even talked to me. I was even more surprised when she asked me, “Anong nangyari? Bakit second ka na lang? Balik kang first ulit next year. Kaya mo yan! (What happened? Why are you only in second? Get back to first again next year. You can do it!)”.

I just smiled shyly and did not answer. Then it hit me. Aside from this being actually a big thing for others, this third grader believes in me.  Okay. Hearing it now, it sounds like a very shallow sentiment. However, the memory that remained by hearing those words still stands out. Actually, when I read today’s topic for The Daily Post (which was: Who was the first person who believed in you?), it was the first thing that came to my mind.

I don’t know. Just imagine someone that everyone looks up to, then you find out unexpectedly that he/she actually knows you, follows your accomplishments, and cared enough for you to talk to you just so they can say that you can be a better version of yourself. That for me is heartfelt and just pure belief.

Just thoughts:
1. I wonder where she is right now? I hope she's doing well for herself. I believe she does.
2. So why did I became second? My second grade teacher told my parents I was not copying down notes
and was not actively participating in class. It turned out, I had congenital myopia.
3. I never got first honors again.

Do-Anything-You-Want Day!

quoting The Daily Post:

Topic #212:

If you could spend a day doing anything you wanted, what would you do?

This is a very easy question for me.

If I could spend a day doing ANYTHING I wanted, I would want to spend it with my family.
It does not matter what activity we would be doing or where we would be doing it, as long as we are together having a laugh.

I know… so emo… but I can’t help it.
I have less than a week left to spend at home and already I am holding back tears.
Back to reality. Back to work.

(Okay. Deep breaths. Compose yourself.)

Anyway, this family bonding time would be so much funner if we are visiting a place we’ve all never been before. And just to put the day dreaming into full mode, I would like for us to wake up in a gorgeous hotel room and order a room service breakfast while watching TV and figuring out what to do for the day. Then we would just explore the tourist spots of the place; take lots of pictures; eat lots of local dishes; and then finally end the day by watching a movie or a concert or any musical show.

(Okay. End of day dream. Wake up.)