Nursing a headache with a cup of joe!


Really not as effective as it used to be. These migraine weekends are really starting to be real downers! Another day is wasted because of it.

I don’t want to be dependent on pain killers. I’m starting to be immune to Mefenamic Acid… Now, only Ibuprofen can do the job. I don’t wanna be used to that either.


I’m scared of the doc. So, what to do?


A Tale of Two Selfies

Post Zumba Glow!


Okay fine. Not “glow” per se. Hahaha
Just so refreshed and all fired up after a great workout that I got a little confident and went for this shot.

Anyway, I really got to make this a habit –well, exercising and NOT taking photos of myself (I got you scared eh? haha).

I need this. We need this.
There’s nothing like a good workout to get us motivated, refreshed, and happy. Quoting Elle Woods:
“Exercise gives you endorphin. Endorphin makes you happy. Happy people don’t just kill.”

So save your sanity. Be happy. Exercise. No excuses!

Tumbler Love!

So this is my second “selfie” of the day. Well, technically, this is not a selfie because I got someone else to take a picture of me (I call it a selfie, none the less, because I rarely have a solo picture taken). But I was just so happy to see this specific design of tumbler in orange! I just went for it. No second thoughts.

Just to defend myself, this is not really an impulse buy because I’ve been wanting to buy a tumbler of this design since I broke my old one. And I’ve just been waiting for a sign if it’s the right time to buy one (it is expensive for a drinking receptacle… and as you can see in the background, I have other perfectly good glasses to use)… But the color orange was the tip of the iceberg.

The defense rests. *wink*

**Side Note: Don’t worry. This post does not mean I will be starting to take more selfie shots. This will certainly be once in a blue moon. So please excuse me, indulge me, and enjoy yourself! Haha

A Very Girly Lunch Out!


Eponine Moment


I still can’t get over this super fan girl convo I had with Jessa Marie! 🙂