Death By House Chores

It’s daunting how house chores can eat up a whole of your day or even a whole weekend! Yes, it is kind of fulfilling to have done so much with your time… But what have you done really?

Okay. So you got your clothes clean, your room in order, and your belly satisfied with cooking. It’s a win-win. But what if every weekend and spare time from work consisted of these chores? It feels like that for me. Waking up, going to work, doing chores… then repeat.

Not that I hate routine. But I feel like a zombie lately. I haven’t been able to do other things– creative things. All because I’m not behind on house chores.

Is this really the trade off of having a nice meal, a clean room, fresh sheets, and newly laundered clothes? Is doing things you “need” to do make you tired enough to be uninspired for the things you “want” to do?

No wonder rich people get to do and accomplish so much. They have people to do all the other things for them.

Okay. Now I’m just being bitter.


Don’t mind me. This is just the tired and uninspired me talking.

I’m off. I need to cook dinner. Pfft.


5 Comments on “Death By House Chores”

  1. papepiepopu says:

    view from Miami no more

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