Into the Heights: Goodbye to the Trains!

Four more days until the big move…
… which means four more days of patience and sacrifice with the trains!

For more than a year, I have put up with all the long lines, stop entries, pushing, shoving, always full cars, and colorful people of the Metro Railway Train (MRT) System. And now finally, I will be released of its haunts and taunts.


I have lost a lot of things to the MRT…
– two bags (might be three by the end of this week)
– one good shoe
– red blood cells and hemoglobin count
– respect for authoritative mothers and impatient, whiny b*tches; and
– closely my sanity and morality

But I also did gain a lot from it (which makes this topic worthy of a blog post)
– new found patience and faith
– a path to achieve a mini “nirvana” (to block out all the bad things around)
– increased core strength and balance
– small muscles in the arms (I think they’re called biceps? But I won’t even attempt to label my thin lanky arms with such a macho term); and
– unforgettable conversations, inside jokes, and bonding moments with Rosy!

If there’s one thing I would miss going home by train is the company.
Getting to go home with one of my closest friends, Rosy. She had kept me sane and amused the entire two-hour journey home from work. There were times that we were so deep into our conversations and laughter that I almost forgot it was already my stop.

Sorry for leaving you with the shark tank that is the MRT, Rosy.
I will surely miss it because of you!


To the MRT and all its unfortunate and weirdo passengers… ADIOS!


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