Into the Heights: The Usual Crammer

8 more days to go until the “big move” and I’m still at 0% when it comes to packing.

I had almost a month to prepare for this but my usual laissez-faire attitude got to me.
Well, that and unforeseen events. 

Last weekend. I was supposed to start on packing some of my stuffs but I had to go home to Zamboanga for family matters (see Playlist of the Week). Not that I’m complaining. I wanted to go home for it.

Anyway, now I have only one weekend left and a couple of weeknights for packing. But I doubt I can do any work on weeknights. So I have to go full blast this weekend.

Just thinking of all the organizing needed is killing me. Ugh!
But I can do this!

Step 1: Cleaning Out – know what to keep for the move, to throw out, etc.
Step 2: Categorizing – what to pack with what 
Step 3: Getting stuffs on boxes

WIsh me luck!


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