Mixed Rice and Soda


First post: Jan 2011
Last post (before this one): Dec 2011

Then suddenly, silence…

And why the sudden silence, you ask?

2012 was freaking AWESOME!

It was sooooo awesome that words are not enough to describe its awesome-ness. I’m not saying that 2013 is starting to become un-awesome, It’s just that, finally, I had time to breathe.

2012 was full of changes and firsts for me.

– New job!
– two out-of country trips
– two AWESOME musicals seen
– two Theater Workshops and showcases
– faced stage fright (unfortunately, not yet conquered)
– three close friends got married
– Saw Lin Manuel. Ugh!
– Met an inspiration and stage crush
– Tons of new friends!!!

Let’s just say I got super distracted.
And now it’s 2013 and hello blogosphere! I’m back!

I created a separate blog for the Daily Post 2013 challenges and stuff. >> Drama Queen Under the Sun
So this, I will keep as a big thought bubble for random musings.
But knowing that I tend to be obsessive-compulsive with organization and categorizing, I really have not made a clear distinction of deciding what gets to be posted to where.
So, que sera sera.