Remembering Anawangin

I have warned cyberspace that I have been feeling a little nostalgic this weekend (a great coverup for just being bored to death). So with this, I have been browsing my super neglected multiply account and have rediscovered some old photos. Our Anawangin trip two years ago, to be exact. And I’ve also discovered that I have somewhat described the whole experience that merits it to be reposted in my “pretentious” blog (in understandable English kasi. haha).
So here it is.

March28-29, 2009
Capones Island

“Grabe! What an experience!”

The real adventure began when we arrived around 7pm in San Antonio.
With no food and water and stores starting to close, we crammed buying our dinner and baon for the trip.

The tricycle ride to Pundaquit was joined by Jed’s screaming like a girl.hehe It was so dark because there was not a single streetlight present. It was amazing how the driver was able to navigate in the abyss.

When we arrived at Pundaquit, the majority was still game to brave the sea towards Anawangin. “Sayang kasi ang camping experience”. And it’s true. So we sucked it in, said a prayer, said goodbye to our things (they were put in a separate boat) and hung on to our lifevests (and seatmate). Like the road to Pundaquit, the sea was also dark except for the fire from the Kaingin farmers on a mountain. The very noisy May batch was sent to silence and all you could hear was the boat’s engine and the waves of the sea.


All of the anxiety was worth it. Seeing the small campfires from afar and finally reaching the island gave us all renewed energy. We immediately attempted to set up the tents, while tatia and Rowie started the bonfire and grill. And after deciding what tents are to be put up and what tents are left struggling to stand, we settled around the grill (not the campfire. weird. haha) to eat Tatia’s famous barbeque and hotdog.

Laugh trip.
Jed’s bonefire/bornfire.
Pinoy Henyo.
Grace’s desperate 20pts.

Then some slept. Some tried to sleep. Someone sang others to sleep… or to insanity? haha.

Woke up the next day because of Earl’s scream due to a very large crab encounter. We explored the island. Golden photo opportunities. Swimming. Jogging.

On to Capones Island. Stranded and cooked (our skins) for two hours in the white sand beach. More photo ops.

Finally, to the lighthouse. Braved the corals. Had the best soap opera shot with the lighthouse in the background. (This is my most favorite photo of the trip. Gets me smiling every time. :))

“Grabe! What an experience!”