Someone has to work…

Warning: This post contains spoiler from The Good Wife Season 3 Episode 4

One scene from The Good Wife struck me.
Although, a lot of The Good Wife scenes strike me (most scenes just break me into tears)…
This one, in particular, is the most hard-hitting and timely.

I don’t mean to be pessimistic… I just mean to be realistic.
I think that we could learn a thing or two in this conversation.
It will help a lot of us get through (or get down from?) this dream-big-you-can-do-anything media hype
… and help us face reality.

Celeste:   This is your dream! What happened to pursuing your dream?
Will:         What happened work? Not everybody can pursue their dreams.
                   Someone has to work.
Celeste:    That is so sad.
Will:          No, not really.

Now, isn’t this just a light bulb moment from The Good Wife?
Nice one.


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