Real Steel is the Real Deal!

After a veeeeeery stressful day at work (and when I say stressful, it’s STRESSFUL!), I would not want to do anything else except go home and curl up on my bed and cover my face in the familiar sheets. However, before overtime (more like overdrive) began, Grace invited me to watch Real Steel after work. I would have said no because my day had not yet begun and already I was dead tired… but I had seen its trailer a lot before and I really wanted to watch it soooo bad.

Good thing I did because… I think:

It’s one of the best movies I have seen since Inception!

Okay. It’s not as intellectual and complicated as Inception… but it’s what I think have always been missing with main stream movies these days. You know the feeling you get when you watch teasers or trailers before a movie starts? You always want to be able to see the trailers because it just gives you a sense of amazement and also gives you a rush of feelings that make you high. And it always makes you think: “Man, there are so many good movies to watch out for. I’m gonna be broke before a season’s over!”. But how often does these feelings of watching a trailer match the feeling you get when you actually see the movie? Not so often, right?

However, the feeling I got when I saw Real Steel matched AND even exceeded the excitement I felt when I saw its trailer. It’s got the right mix of family drama, awkward romance, PG violence, and cool dance moves (my favorite)!

Hugh Jackman plays cocky and irresponsible but deep inside has a good heart…
Dakota Goyo plays stubborn but charming and sooooo cute…
Near future… Cool touch screens/displays…
Lovable robots… and surprisingly, cool Hip Hop soundtrack (Eminem!)…
That’s what we get from Spielberg and Zemeckis!


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