R.I.P. Big Joe

My relationship with my Big Joe was brief.
We weren’t really acquainted with each other that well yet…
and already, with my clumsy nature, I failed it big time!

I remember when I got my Big Joe.
Tatia sent me a message that KC had given her something to give me.
At first I was puzzled, “What could it be?”.
And as I was opening a rather large gift-wrapped box and saw the first light the glass reflected,
I realized what it was…

My very own Big Joe!

I was so excited and at the same time very grateful to KC that she remembered how much I envied Jules to have a Big Joe!

But just like Jules, I broke mine, too!
I got to use it for an occasion or two.
But I never got to use it for its intended purpose:
In times of crisis, I was to drink red wine filled to the brim to calm my nerves.

I m happy that no crisis has ever arouse to permit me to do that.
But still… it’s a sad loss.

I miss Big Joe. I’m sorry KC.
Anyway, what’s done is done.
I just have to get a Big Carl and take care of it from then on.

Nothing to do but smile and give one last Big Joe toast:
Here’s to Big Joe! And to….

To life! To life! L’chai-im!


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