Can anger be constructive?

The Daily Post asks:

Can anger be constructive?

I answer:
Yes, I think so.
As long as it is not the “crazy-angry” or the violent type of anger, I believe that anger can actually help to construct or improve or promote development. This is especially for people who are too shy or kind to convey what they want. Other people tend to take advantage of their kindness that makes them kind of a doormat or a pushover. And I think that anger can make you seem serious and firm about something. If other people respect you enough (or they are sensitive enough), your anger can be perceived as an ultimatum. Like a sign that they have crossed some kind of line with you.

However, anger should be the last resort. Not that I am saying, we should hold it in. Blowing off steam is a must once in a while but we should be able to manage it wisely. I mean, one could lose a good relationship or set off a heart disease to anger. What I’m saying is: Nothing trumps patience, understanding and good vibes!


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