Imagine it’s August 2021…

Woah! I am way behind on my Daily Posts. Like 7 topics behind!

And it’s all because I got stuck with Topic#218, which is:

Imagine it’s August 2021 – what is your life like?

What will be my life like 10 years from now?
I have got to admit that the answer is: I have no idea!

This topic just shows my lack of plan or vision in life.
I really have to think deep about this one.
And it’s hard because I am living on the philosophy of “No Day But Today.”

How could I betray this principle? These are the words that help me make it through each day. Without this mantra, I would have been scared sh*t everyday I have been living in the real world. Always terrified of what the future might bring.

“There is no future. There is no past.
I live this moment as my last.”

So I tend to NOT think of what 10 years from now might be like.

However, seeing and living with my family for a month (lately) made me realize that I’ve got to start doing something for the future. Or at least start planning on how I could help them in the future. Not for me, but for them. The philosophy of “No day but today” does sound a little selfish. It really does not help when there’s family involved. So I am asking from our Lord above to help me accept that the future is going to happen. And good or bad, happiness or heartbreaks, I hope that He gives me strength to face it all. FOR FAMILY.

So I won’t imagine 2021 but i PRAY for 2021.
I pray that by 2021, my mom and dad won’t need to work anymore. They would be just enjoying life, doing whatever they want to do.
I pray that by 2021, my sisters will be strong, independent, and (most of all) happy in whatever they will be doing in life.
I pray that by 2021, I will still be here– able to help them.


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