Half of my heart’s got a right mind

My thoughts when trying to find the answer for The Daily Post‘s question…
(Are you driven by your head or your heart?)

I remember seeing all these movies with a moral lesson in the end… and that is to follow your heart. Whatever logic or philosophical theories we place in a situation, at the end of it all, the heart just seems to be the wisest body function that one must have the courage to listen to. Because in the end, nothing matters most than living life to the fullest and to your happiest.

However, movies are movies: Mostly fiction (even those supposedly to be true stories are designed to be cinematic which makes it borderline to fiction). In real life situations, we cannot be bested by our emotions. I mean, I want to. I want to follow my heart’s desire and just leave everything to dust. But life does not work that way. We grow up. We acquire responsibilities. We just have to be practical. And with all this, we just have to be smart and identify the consequences of everything. In short, we should think.

See what I did there?

I would like to be driven by my heart.
But in reality, I think my head just takes charge of everything.


2 Comments on “Half of my heart’s got a right mind”

  1. tatiarashid says:

    spot on teh! 🙂

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