Luxury the Musical (or the other way around?)

The Question

quoting The Daily Post:

Topic #211:

What’s one “luxury” you refuse to live without?

The Background

Hmm.. I wonder, what’s with the double quotations on the word: luxury?

It made me think…
(Please indulge me and let me over think this.)
… and came to believe that this question is best answered if we can establish the definition of “luxury”. Well, for sure, it means a thing expensive. But just so to be sure, I searched good-‘ol Google.

Here are just a couple of definitions I’ve researched.

1. Something inessential but conducive to pleasure and comfort.
2. Something expensive or hard to obtain.

A free indulgence in costly food, dress, furniture, or anything expensive which gratifies the appetites or tastes.

So it made me think deeper…
… All these definitions are subjective!
One thing may be a luxury in one place or person but not for another.
So for my answer, I decided to limit the definition of luxury to just: “something inessential but is expensive everywhere and to anyone” (I’m ditching the “for pleasure and comfort” part because that is also subjective and just makes it all the more confusing).

The Answer

A “luxury” I refuse to live without, as of the moment, are expensive tickets for musicals!

I’m just crazy for musical theater!
They are my stress relievers, my happiness, and my salvation.
It just amazes me how heartfelt words, stories, and life lessons can be relayed through wonderful music.

I got introduced to musical theater for free when I was in the fifth grade (if I can remember correctly). My mother’s co-worker gave us front-row tickets to a local company staging Les Miserables. And it just changed me. My love for music was heightened from karaoke-ish to operatic!

But as I was growing up and free tickets became harder to come by, I realized how expensive it is to watch these shows. Not that I’m complaining. I believe that every penny is well spent and well deserved. That is why, until today, I have been planning and saving up for every musical show. Because just as that orchestra is starting to play, the lights are dimming and the curtains are rising, seating in that orchestra center seat for two hours might as well be a fluffy cloud in the skies of Neverland.

Go watch and indulge in a musical… and be inspired! Enjoy!


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