What does love mean to you?

Now I need to apologize for this.
This might be the topic I least expected to be talking about in my blog.
But a challenge is a challenge (The Daily Post). So feel free to help me out.

I believe love is the most complicated thing to talk about because it comes in so many forms and it means so many different things to different people.

Perhaps the most famous categorization of love is by who or what you’re loving.
There is love for God, family, friends, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.
But with all these definitions for love, I think the common thing between all of them is that:

Love is a feeling.

Like happiness, sadness, or anger, I believe that love is a feeling that comes and goes.
I know it sounds so cynical. But just think about it.
Even our love for our family is not that stable. Sometimes, even if we can admit to it or not, they tend to makes us feel all this other kinds of feelings (feelings that we cannot associate with love).
But the most important thing is that we still love them again anyway.

This is where true love comes in. I read somewhere (and so agree to it) that:

True love is a commitment.

And this part is where it gets tricky because who has the patience and kindness to be committed?
These days, they are just rare and hard to find.

Okay. Now that is just another story.
I will stop right now because I hate it when I start to sound “preach-y”.

Cynicism and cheesiness aside, I believe that love is a beautiful thing.
And if we could just spread love and feel love 24 hours a day, it would be magical.
I blame this magical feeling for making me such a sucker for Broadway musicals, Jane Austen, and cheesy romantic comedies.

I am just afraid that all this artful postures of love are just art and that’s it.
And all the passion (can’t eat, can’t sleep, butterflies in your stomach stuffs) are  just seen in movies, heard from songs and read in novels. Because the truth is:

“True love is like the lochness monster.
Everyone has heard of it
but no one has ever seen it.”


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