Right in Front of Your Eyes – The Wedding Singer the Musical

My siesta was cut short when I received a text message from an unknown number, which said:

“Jackie try mo magaudition sa sound of music manila. Check mo facebook page nila! go! go!”

This unknown texter turned out to be Rica.
Although I am flattered by the sentiment, I replied with:

“Wah. Manonood na lang ako. Isa un sa vocally challenging musicals ano! hahaha. Ishcary!”

As usual, my low self esteem and katamaran (laziness) wins again. haha
But I did think of all the what-ifs and started researching for one Broadway song I would sing IF i did or would audition.

The first thing that came to mind was “I can hear the bells” from Hairspray but then I remembered that the character (Tracy) who sang this was on the bigger side. And since I’m super payatot, I just thought it would be a weird audition piece for me. I would not do Tracy justice. haha

The next is Someday from The Wedding Singer the Musical. And I thought it was just perfect. After doing a couple of runs, I suddenly remembered a song from the same musical that I grew to like (now, I absolutely loooove it!).

It’s called Right in front of your eyes. I’ve already heard it even before I’ve seen the musical, but I came to appreciate it more when I saw Nikki Valdez’s performance during 9Works Theatrical’s The Wedding Singer last November.

Nikki was actually pretty good. She had a very powerful voice. Plus her comedic charm really matched her character’s personality. She really did a good job. Actually, some of my friends did not realize it was Nikki. I just pointed it out to them (plus the playbill/program as proof). This was certainly her ultimate bestfriend-of-the-bida role.

Now, I really would like to share her performance so you could see for yourself but I’ve got something even better. It’s the performance of the original broadway cast. Nikki’s role, Holly, was originally played by Amy Spanger. Spanger was also the original Sherrie from Rock of Ages (Just a small town girl living in a lonely world — she was the “small town girl”.)

“You’re caught by surprise.
Could you wake up one day and realize
the one that you want
is right in front of your eyes?”


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