A superhero, I wish I am…

To help the sad ones, I will.
The broken system, I’d kill.
For fairness to reign
And keep everyone sane
No self esteem blown.
Super powers, I wish I own.

Impossible, the situation is.
Quit, they say, the solution is.
But, in my seat, I still am.
Making like a happy clam.
Fooling myself I’ve grown.
So super powers I wish not own.

This is the effect of annual evaluation combined with a Star Wars weekend.
Excuse my being pretentious. haha.
Let us all be strong!

“If we ask God for courage, does he give you courage or the chance to be courageous?”

Tough times happen to the best of us.
So let us toughen up.
May the force be with you! 😀