A Guy to miss…

We met while standing in line for college registration, clueless of what we were getting ourselves into.
Five years later, same thing happened — signing a contract for a crack at a first job fresh from graduation.

But three years after that, we find ourselves facing different paths.

I would like to think that this is all for the better but I cannot help but think…
I will surely miss my “dorm/block/org/thesis/room/section/lunch”-mate.

I will miss my friend. My other “guy”.

Without you, break bells ring.
But I will have no coffee buddy.
Without you, lunch bells ding.
But no lunch mate with salad so happy.

With you I can easily invite to dinner.
So I don’t have to be any thinner.
With you I can freely lose my temper.
Still, for me, cockroaches you will murder.

Thank you for everything, guy!
I wish you:
– More money.
– More love.
– More happiness.

To the future and beyond!


2 Comments on “A Guy to miss…”

  1. Dress.Dish.Destination. says:

    nice poem! gawan mo din ako.chos. :p

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