Falling off the wagon…

These past weeks feel like hell.

Actually, it was.

This new role given to me at work is overwhelming but challenging.
I am scared 90% of the time and the rest I am plain clueless.
I haven’t been sleeping and eating right.
I could not update my blog.

Because at the end of  a workday , I am just knocked out.
And on weekends,  either I want to sleep all day or just watch a musical.

So that was what I’ve been doing this past weeks I was AWOL.

Sounds like I fell off the wagon of my “No complaints. No regrets. Pure positivity!” theme for 2011?

But I think not.

Given the circumstances, I think I’ve handled things pretty well.

I just don’t think I’ve taken more care of myself than needed.

… so in line with all these, I’ve decided to:

– sleep well
– eat right
– keep writing

i.e. “Get back on that horse!”

Focus and stay positive! 😀


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