A Guy to miss…

We met while standing in line for college registration, clueless of what we were getting ourselves into.
Five years later, same thing happened — signing a contract for a crack at a first job fresh from graduation.

But three years after that, we find ourselves facing different paths.

I would like to think that this is all for the better but I cannot help but think…
I will surely miss my “dorm/block/org/thesis/room/section/lunch”-mate.

I will miss my friend. My other “guy”.

Without you, break bells ring.
But I will have no coffee buddy.
Without you, lunch bells ding.
But no lunch mate with salad so happy.

With you I can easily invite to dinner.
So I don’t have to be any thinner.
With you I can freely lose my temper.
Still, for me, cockroaches you will murder.

Thank you for everything, guy!
I wish you:
– More money.
– More love.
– More happiness.

To the future and beyond!


The dog days are never over…

… well for work anyway.

I cannot seem to take a breather these days.
What seem to be a relatively relaxing day at work will still turn out to be the very same hectic day from yesterday.

At times like these, I turn to music to support my bitterness and tame the madness.

And in this particular situation, I would always imagine singing What You Own from my favorite musical, “Rent”.

Don’t breathe too deep. Don’t think all day.
Dive into work. Drive the other way.
That drip of hurt. That pint of shame.
Goes away just play the game.


I sometimes wish that like Mark, I could just easily grit my teeth, sing this song, then quit!
But in life (well, at least in real life) it’s so much harder to do this.

Duty over passion.

That’s my reality.

Oh, well! It sucks to be me.
But I still have music.
Music is my other passion.

And with music, I am free. 😀

So I own not a notion
I escape and ape content
I don’t own emotion — I rent.



Red Eyes: Infected but not infectious

My previous hell weeks were accompanied by my devil eyes.

They were so red, that it either looks like I’ve been crying the whole night before or I’ve been hitting some illegal drug or something.
And trust me, it was neither.

And to prove this, I visited an ophthalmologist yesterday.
She said maybe it was because of my dry eyes and contact lenses.
She prescribed me an antibacterial/anti-inflammatory. Expensive.
Oh, well. Must take care of myself.

I have to lay off wearing contacts for a while so I must update my glasses.
The one I’m wearing now is old. It feels like it will fall if I nod and it just hurts my nose bridge.
I just hate shopping for new frames because I can’t see myself (literally) while trying them on.

Anyway, I already contracted Bianca to be my shopping buddy.
I will just trust her judgement on what to buy.

This is step one of taking care of myself, i think. I hope so. haha.

Falling off the wagon…

These past weeks feel like hell.

Actually, it was.

This new role given to me at work is overwhelming but challenging.
I am scared 90% of the time and the rest I am plain clueless.
I haven’t been sleeping and eating right.
I could not update my blog.

Because at the end of  a workday , I am just knocked out.
And on weekends,  either I want to sleep all day or just watch a musical.

So that was what I’ve been doing this past weeks I was AWOL.

Sounds like I fell off the wagon of my “No complaints. No regrets. Pure positivity!” theme for 2011?

But I think not.

Given the circumstances, I think I’ve handled things pretty well.

I just don’t think I’ve taken more care of myself than needed.

… so in line with all these, I’ve decided to:

– sleep well
– eat right
– keep writing

i.e. “Get back on that horse!”

Focus and stay positive! 😀