After 3 years…

… outing pa din?!

I caught myself asking this question after agreeing to join friends in a trip next month. I guess my conscience automatically asked this question because I remember telling myself on New Year’s eve that as a resolution for 2011, I will get my life together this year.

Three years out of college and I’m still with no clear goal.
Actually, I’m still with no plan.
But like what was asked in My Life in Ruins: “How do you plan life?”

What a million… no, billion… no, trillion… NO! …a zillion-dollar question!

Okay, maybe I’m just overreacting. There may be an answer to a question like this… but the road to finding or arriving to the solution is not always easy, also not always fun.
They are always compromises, sacrifices, expectations, disappointments, and massive stress!

Why can’t life be just free-flowing and happy? They say Happiness is a choice.

Is this true? Or is this how we fool ourselves into learning how to be content or settle?
Well, to that I say… Happiness is a symptom. And like all other feelings, they are just signs or indications that we are still living life. So it’s okay to feel them!

If you’re sad… go wallow in misery!
If you’re angry… go have a hissy fit!
If you’re happy… PARTY!

All is well as long as you know how to move on from these feelings to another.

So for now, I am going to live life… experience and express ALL emotions!

I am going to that outing. Good night! 😀

2 Comments on “After 3 years…”

  1. deelightedlymarshee says:

    i envy the freedom 😛 bleh. i’m loving your bloggie jackie! missyou!

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